Meet the new CRO of SuperOffice: She’s not afraid of change!

Had someone told me a year and half ago, that I would be the CRO of SuperOffice, I wouldn’t have believed them. Yet, here I am, and I couldn’t be more excited! Because this is the time for changes and challenges – both for me and for SuperOffice.

Until May this year I worked in big-tech corporations, thinking that this was my path in life and where I wanted to be. Having spent most of my adult life in this world, I enjoyed the fast-paced machinery of the global industry.

But this spring, that started to change. I started considering my next move, questioning if big corporations were really the best choice for me and feeling unsure of where I wanted my career to take me next. Then I talked to SuperOffice.

Of course, I had my doubts before meeting them. Should I really leave the world of global tech behind? And would I even thrive in a smaller company? But after we talked, I quickly forgot those questions. Instead, I found myself pondering over possible changes and new initiatives.

What convinced me in the end was the people. There is a lot of interesting CX suite companies out there, but the soul that SuperOffice carries in its DNA is hard to find. From the beginning I could feel the mutual respect and commitment, shared by everyone. I felt an instant chemistry with the people here, and, like with many other decisions in my life, I decided to go with my gut: I surprised my former self and took the job.

Today, it has been roughly 4 months since I joined SuperOffice and there hasn’t been a dull moment yet. I feel honored to be a part of a company that values their relationships – both internally and externally – and who is ready to welcome all the changes that I am bringing to the table.

It might not surprise you that as a CRO I am a big fan of change management. Afterall, change in the form of creating and accelerating growth is at the core of my job. Luckily, I now work in a place open to change.

After Axcel invested in our company last year, SuperOffice has embarked on a journey that has only just begun. The success of our transformation depends on whether we can strengthen our company as a unified team, build a stronger group and implement a new Go-To-Market attitude.

This is where I come in. As the CRO, it’s my job to drive the changes already happening in SuperOffice, the main one being a focus on the top-line growth. Every day I get excited by the possibility of contributing with new perspectives and sharing my experiences from big-tech corporations.

But my relationship with SuperOffice is not a one-way street – we both have a lot to learn. While I am working on implementing a new Go-To-Market attitude, SuperOffice is teaching me how the world works in a smaller business. I am not in the big-tech machinery anymore, but in a smaller, more personal company, built on healthy relationships and hard work. So, it is safe to say that we are both on a learning path right now. One thing I hope our company learns from me is the power of change!

As I mentioned, I am no stranger to change management. However, I am not a very big fan of how the term is often used to be “all talk and no action”. For me, it’s the opposite. It is not about big words, but about driving change through processes. It is about applying processes that work as change vehicles all the way through our organization to help us create specific and noticeable changes – from the C-suite to our talented salespeople.

I strongly believe that only by challenging ourselves and changing how we do things can we create accelerated growth for our business.

Since I started 4 months ago, I have been working on several new initiatives to help our business grow: a graduate program, an ESG initiative and a top talent program, just to name a few. Each project has the purpose of accelerating growth, whether it being growth in revenue, talent, positive impact or colleagues. But besides sharing a purpose, our new initiatives have something else in common. They are all based on Customer Experience Excellence.

Customer Experience Excellence is a principle testing every discission I or anyone else in SuperOffice make. It is a short test, executed by asking the three following questions: Is it good for the customer? Is it good for the company? And is it good for the team? If a new initiative fails to answer “Yes” to these questions, it will not happen. As simple as that.

This “three question test” might be simple, but it is far from just fun and games. The fact that it’s simple is really the whole point. The key point here is that the Customer Experience Excellence reminds us to keep our eyes on the price and remember what is important. And the important thing is that we don’t have to generate new meaningless initiatives or toss big words around, we just need to make life better for our customers and for our company. If we succeed to do this, we will also succeed to accelerate our top-line growth.

The test is simple, but the actual work is hard. That is why I am so thrilled to go to work with focused and talented people every day.

The longer I work here, the more I realize how special this company is. With over 30 years in the field, SuperOffice is a solid and experienced player. I know 30 years doesn’t sound as much, but in the world of CX suite software it is more than a lifetime for most companies. While new tech trends have come and gone, SuperOffice has maintained what makes it stand out – the unique sympathetic way we see our customers and each other.

For me, our remarkable legacy is the whole point. I don’t go to work to just boost numbers and then be on my way. I go to work to protect our history and build a sustainable future for our company. Every time I launch a new initiative or make a change to accelerate our sales, I do it with the purpose of creating a stable and growing SuperOffice. Doing my best to make sure our 30 years of legacy will shine even brighter 30 years into the future.

Kind regards,

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