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List of pre-approved sub-Processors

Data Processing Agreement for Support & Consulting Services

This list is valid from May 25th, 2018.

According to clause 3.7 in the DPA/NDA for Support & Consulting Services between Customer (Controller) and SuperOffice (Processor), SuperOffice shall maintain a list of pre-approved sub-processors (Sub-Contractors).

SuperOffice is the provider of the Support & Consulting Service

 Company name SuperOffice AS, Wergelandsveien 27, 0167 Oslo, Norway
 SuperOffice Affiliates Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Schweitz and Lithuania. Entities details are listed in clause 7 in the Agreement "DPA/NDA for Support & Consulting Services"
 Description of Service Services related to support and consulting performed by SuperOffice personnel in relation to SuperOffice CRM products used by the Customer.
 The Personal Data to be Processed concerns the following categories of Data Subjects (Persons): As a Processor SuperOffice will store Customer Databases – including personal Data on SuperOffice controlled servers for the purpose of support & consulting services. The Data Subjects and categories of Personal Data registered in the Database is defined by the Controller.
 Processing of data Data entered by the Controller into the CRM Online service are processed by sub-processors listed in this document.
 Sensitive personal Data (if relevant) SuperOffice is not aware or notified if the Controller enters sensitive data into the CRM Online Database.


Pre-approved sub-Processor

 Entity Company Name SendSafely European Office, 22 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD
Company website
Entity Country US
Processing Country Ireland (Amazon AWS)
Entity Type and description of Service SendSafely is a platform designed for exchanging confidential data/files. SendSafely encrypts each file before it exits your computer. This means that nobody can read your file except for the person with whom you will be sharing the file.
The Personal Data to be Processed concerns the following categories of Data Subjects (Persons): Personal Data entered into Controllers CRM Database.
Categories of Personal Data Personal Data entered into Controllers CRM Database.
Sensitive personal Data (if relevant) Personal Data entered into Controllers CRM Database
The Personal Data will be subject to the following Processing activities. Activities related to Support & Consulting Services performed by SuperOffice personnel for Customers.
Additional information regarding Privacy and Security Governance. SendSafely is based on Amazon AWS which holds several ISO Certificate – incl. ISO27000 – Information Security.