Unsere Kunden-Perfromance hat sich enorm gesteigert, seit wir damit arbeiten.
Ronald Eikenaar General Director, Sepawand

Die Herausforderung

Sepawand is one of the most prominent manufacturers of modular wall units and prefab units in the Netherlands. Sepawand products are applied in non-residential buildings and industry, including offices, corporate hallways, schools, banks and showrooms.

Ein Projekt von SuperOffice Benelux (www.superoffice.nl)

Before Sepawand started using SuperOffice, they were already using a folder system on the server. Sepawand is a project-focused organisation, therefore projects and the corresponding communications were stored in folders on the server. This worked well enough until the organisation grew in revenue and employees. Sepawand realised that there was no standardized registration method and not everyone stored important data on the server which was leading to loss of data. Sepawand was looking for a solution to manage its customers, to register sales and to process (commercial) administration. All this data had to be accessible for all employees at all times.

Besuchsberichte, eMails, Telefonate, Verkaufschancen, Umsätze, Angebote, Aktivitätenmanagement und Auswertungen sind alle einfach und transparent zu erstellen.
Ronald Eikenaar General Director, Sepawand
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Die Lösung

Sepawand started with SuperOffice CRM in 2001. In the case of Sepawand it was important that all operational processes were supported by SuperOffice CRM.

All customers and their corresponding contacts, for both purchases and sales are now unequivocally registered in SuperOffice. All quotations are created and monitored in SuperOffice as is the turnover.

Ronald Eikenaar, Managing Director, comments that the staff is now so happy working with SuperOffice CRM that he believes they would no longer want to work for Sepawand if the system was replaced.

Der Erfolg

SuperOffice ensures that all Sepawand departments can easily view all customers and prospects. Since the implementation of SuperOffice all data is stored at a central location.

Ronald Eikenaar, General Director: “SuperOffice enables everyone to work pleasantly, effectively and efficiently. If we look at the results, we managed to reduce our workforce with two FTE. Our client performance has improved considerably by working in a uniform manner.”

Der Kundennutzen auf einen Blick

  • Efficiency increase resulted in reducing workforce with two FTE
  • Standardized documents
  • Central platform for all employees
  • Very user-friendly

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