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SuperOffice hat eine tragende Rolle in unserem Wachstum durch das Management und bei der Überwachung aller Vertriebsaktivitäten.
Roel van Ravenstein Sales Office Manager, Saba

Die Herausforderung

SABA has been an independent international manufacturer of high-quality adhesives and sealants for the industrial and constructional sector for more than 80 years. These adhesives and sealants are used mainly in the foam-processing industry (for example, mattresses and furniture), building & construction, maintenance & renovation, civil & environmental engineering, transport and the marine industry.

Ein Projekt von SuperOffice Benelux (www.superoffice.nl)

Before implementing SuperOffice the sales offices in Dinxperlo (the Netherlands) used another CRM program. This program, however, was not sufficiently user-friendly to motivate employees to structurally apply it. The reporting and analyses options were also very limited. When deciding on a new program we deliberately selected an accessible program; a relatively easy, wellorganised and user-friendly start-up program. The fact that SuperOffice provides mostly standard solutions, that the program has been thoroughly tested and user experience has been implemented in the software were also determining factors. The program’s international usability was another advantage.

What did we want to achieve with the implementation of SuperOffice? At the start we deliberately limited the objectives to the following: - providing clear information on all activities regarding a relation to all employees - simplifying marketing (e.g. mail-out activities) by applying various search criteria - standardizing documents, correspondence and forms using templates.

Die Lösung

SABA Dinxperlo started using SuperOffice at both Business Units (Industry and Building & Construction) at the Dinxperlo offices in 2003. We particularly concentrated on the use of the application by the Inside Office and Field Staff Sales departments.

The marketing differences of the two departments and, therefore, the different use of SuperOffice, led to the decision of having an application manager of each of the business units create a feasible and solution-oriented structure.

Zur Zeit nutzen 80 Mitarbeiter SuperOffice, inklusive den Niederlassungen in Polen, USA und China. Die Handhabung von SuperOffice ist so einfach wie die von Outlook.
Roel van Ravenstein Sales Office Manager, Saba
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Der Erfolg

Not only the Sales department but also the Purchase, Administration, R&D and Marketing departments and Management and the reception use SuperOffice data. The calendars are synchronised using Outlook and iPhones which enables remote report making.

The SuperOffice reporting tool is used to evaluate the timeliness of recorded appointments and the current sales processes are updated monthly, whereby the data is used to update the sales forecasts. Sales at SABA Business Unit Industry increased by 30% over the last four years by focussing on our strengths: offering solutions and optimizing the processes of the foamprocessing procedures. SuperOffice plays a vital role in this growth through the management and monitoring of all sales activities, especially because most of our employees work in the field and not at the Dinxperlo office.

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  • Business Unit Industrie ist in vier Jahren 30% gewachsen
  • Business Unit Bau & Konstruktion ist in vier Jahren 20% gewachsen
  • Geplante und aktive Marketingmassnahmen
  • Detaillierte Vertriebsforecasts

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