Gewinner haben einen Plan, Verlierer eine Ausrede. Darum haben wir SuperOffice!
Cor Kappenburg Commercial Manager, Gallgher Europe

Die Herausforderung

Gallagher is the largest quality brand in electric fencing and supplies a first class product with a good price-quality ratio and a first class service. Gallagher's products are developed from an agricultural vision and tested by users. Our aim for the future is to provide even better products so that your fencing always works perfectly.

Ein Projekt von SuperOffice Benelux (

SuperOffice had already been in use within Gallagher for some years, however because it did not have a good CRM process as the basis for the use of the software, support was very low. Nor was the network infrastructure ideal. As a result, the added value provided by the use of a CRM solution was not experienced. In 2013 Gallagher scrutinized a number of CRM solutions and once again opted for SuperOffice. The starting point for the new implementation is a central CRM strategy for the European market in which all commercial work processes are streamlined.

SuperOffice is super useful, no idea how we operated without it
Cor Kappenburg Commercial Manager, Gallagher Europe
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Die Lösung

Following a detailed inventory of all work processes, SuperOffice has been reconfigured to automate these processes in the most effective way.

The link to Baan has been further optimized and extended. All field service staff are provided with a tablet with which they can consult real time information anywhere. In addition to all of the relevant CRM contact information and customer history, they also have immediate insight into the complete order history. As a result, dealers can be given the best possible advice during visits. Orders placed during the visits to dealers can be digitally processed right away. As a result, administrative costs are minimal. In order to allow SuperOffice to continuously connect to work processes, each country has its own SuperOffice key‑user who provides local support and engages in regular central consultation concerning the use of SuperOffice.

Das Resultat

Users now fully appreciate the added value of SuperOffice and use the solution to the best possible effect. With good internal management and promotion, including a number of introductory videos, the use of CRM has been taken to another level.

At the moment Gallagher is preparing for the introduction of SuperOffice eMarketing and will begin to send out regular newsletters. Several other processes within the commercial department are due to be integrated with SuperOffice. “There are still a great many opportunities for the future which will certainly result in increased sales”, states Cor Kappenburg.

Der Kundennutzen auf einen Blick:

  • Mobile information available everywhere, at all times and in real time
  • Central CRM strategy for all employees
  • Support for users
  • Extensive integration with BAAN

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