Was ist die DSGVO und welche Auswirkungen hat sie auf Ihr Unternehmen?

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Besuchsrapporte, Mails, Anrufe, Kalender und Reports sind jederzeit verfügbar
Luc Huiskamp Director of Operations, Eurofysica

Die Herausforderung

Eurofysica BV has more than 50 years’ experience as a developer and supplier of teaching aids for secondary, higher, university and primary education. The modern and customer-oriented organisation is driven by the philosophy: “your subject is our challenge”.

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Before Eurofysica BV started using SuperOffice it was already using a customer system. This was a log DOS system and not user-friendly. Customers with visit reports were stored in it and Eurofysica also used the system to carry out its financial activities.

After expanding various business operations, Eurofysica realised that it needed a central system to enable sales to develop activities clearly and transparently. Eurofysica started using Wholesale for the backoffice. The frontoffice wanted a userfriendly, but powerful system that would ensure that all customers of the various business sectors were transparent. An important factor when choosing a CRM application is quick adoption by Eurofysica’s employees.

Die Lösung

Eurofysica started using SuperOffice in December 2006. Eurofysica invested a lot of time in preparations to ensure that the level of adoption within the organisation would be as high as possible. A manual was drawn up that is clear to everyone and that contains all the procedures for the use of SuperOffice for Eurofysica.

SuperOffice is used by all employees
within the organisation so it is important that the information is recognisable and correct. The reports and information from the old system were transferred to SuperOffice one by one. To supplement SuperOffice further, a link has been made between Wholesale and SuperOffice.

SuperOffice enables everyone to work pleasantly, effectively and efficiently. If we look at the results I expect that we are now working at least 15% more efficiently”. Power based on simplicity, that has been the key to our success.
Luc Huiskamp Director of Operations, Eurofysica
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Der Erfolg

SuperOffice ensures that all sellers in the various departments have easy access to information on all customers.

With the introduction of SuperOffice the various disciplines in Eurofysica (Instruments, Laboratory Equipment, ICT and Medical) now have a central point where everything is recorded. Visit reports, mail, telephone, diary management and reports are all accessible and transparent.

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