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SuperOffice ist unerlässlich für unsere täglichen Management-Aktivitäten
Harld Bruinier Managing Director, Bruma

Die Herausforderung

Bruma has been supplying reliable used CNC cutting and sheet metal working machines since 1980. They are the specialists for the latest CNC controlled machines. They offer their clients a wide selection of machines and cover all the leading brands.

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Bruma already provides a lot of information about their customers and suppliers. Contact with customers is generally to do with buying, overhauling or selling used CNC machines. It is extremely important to be able to gain quick access to all the information contained in the client and machine history. A lot of this information used to be stored in file folders, lists and mail boxes and was not centrally available. Searching for it used to take up a lot of time.

Customer and machine information made readily available
Harld Bruinier Managing Director, Bruma
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Die Lösung

By installing SuperOffice, Bruma gained a central source of information.

SuperOffice is crucially important for our day-to-day business management activities. It allows us to view all our customers’ and suppliers’ details and contact history directly and clearly. It also gives us insight into the entire history of all our CNC machines, both the ones we have in stock and those that we have supplied to our customers.

Das Resultat

Staff can use a simple process to consult the machine’s technical details as well as where it was purchased from, who it was sold to and what service activities have taken place. A complete contact history as well as tele-phone numbers, appointments, documents and email addresses are linked to both the customer (or supplier) and the machine. This builds up both a client and a machine dossier at the same time.

SuperOffice can also be utilised to manage the stock of used machines, including photographs and specifications. All of this means that SuperOffice very quickly becomes an invaluable archive of information. As soon as a client calls, staff can see which machines they are using and what activities have already taken place.

Der Kundennutzen auf einen Blick

  • Central source of all information
  • Insight into the machines the customer uses
  • Complete machine specifications and clear histories
  • 360 degree customer profile at your fingertips 

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